Can DMS Save Lives?

The increase in the number of car accidents related to texting has been significant for years now. According to teensafe.com, 69 percent of American drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 admit having been using their cell phones while driving during the previous month. Could DMS technology turn this around?

When studying American teenagers the statistics become even scarier. According to focusbyteendrive.com (an app developed for teen parents to enable ”locking” certain smartphone functions teens while driving), 11 teenagers die every day from accidents related to texting and driving. In fact, 1 in 4 car accidents in America is related to this dangerous behavior. 

While the majority of us at least believe we focus on just driving and limit our smartphone usage when we are behind the steering wheel, it actually only takes 3 seconds for a crash to occur after a driver becomes distracted by their cell phone. That being said, sending a text takes on average a driver 5 seconds to send. You do the math. But it is not only texting that could distract us. Infotainment systems including GPS and music do as well, and increasingly so as they become more and more advanced, according to a new study by AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Although one could blame the era of smartphones and social media influencing for this, we might have to realize that these platforms are here to stay. While we still need to continue educating drivers, in particular teens, about the dangers of e.g. texting and driving, it might take time to change the attitude and ultimately the behavior of people. And probably teens in particular. When it comes down to it, we need to start saving more lives, starting today! 

Driver monitoring technology uses eye tracking AI to see where your eyes and focus are. Monitoring if you are paying attention in a dangerous situation, and consequently, the car may take necessary actions like stopping the car or warning you. This technology and function exist today. Unfortunately, it pretty much only exists in some premium cars and in premium package choices. But just like the seatbelt and the air-bag changed the entire automobile industry when it came to safety, our hope is that with your help of spreading the word, driver monitoring systems (DMS) will as well.

So the answer to the question in our headline is, well according to us at least, yes we can save more lives with DMS. Certainly more than we are today.

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