Is Seeing Machines’ Backup-DMS being Applied to Waymo’s Autonomous Testing Vehicles?

Seeing Machines recently announced a deal with an unnamed North American self-driving car company. And as the leading developer of self-driving technology, Google’s Waymo seems like a probable candidate for the agreement.

Last fall, Seeing Machines launched their new Guardian Backup-driver Monitoring System – a system designed to track backup-drivers' face and eye movements during on-road testing of autonomous driving (AV) technology. And on June 10th, it was announced that the Australian DMS-developer had signed an agreement with a leading North American self-driving car company, and that the Backup-driver Monitoring Systems would be supplied to the car company’s fleet.

As of today, the self-driving car company in question remains undisclosed. But as always, there is speculation about which car manufacturer will be installing Seeing Machines’ Backup-DMS into its fleet. A popular guess is Google’s Waymo, and their robotaxi service Waymo One.

Waymo is considered the industry leader in terms of advanced AV technology. But even though Waymo’s robotaxi service is technically driven by AV technology, the safety precaution of a backup-driver has yet to be removed from the testing vehicles. And with the wide-spread opinion being that an AV needs to be several times safer than a human driver before being trusted to operate without an attentive backup-driver, this seems like a sensible decision on Waymo's behalf.

With this in mind, it seems obvious that Waymo One would benefit from a reliable driver monitoring system to make sure the backup-driver is staying alert and focused. So, could Waymo be turning to Seeing Machines and the Guardian Backup-driver Monitoring System to handle this important task? Only time will tell.

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