Mitsubishi Electric Launches Smart Notifications and Natural Navigation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is launching Smart Mobility technology, in the form of HMI (human machine interface) and AI for cars. The company launches two new functions; Smart Notifications and Natural Navigation. 

  1. Smart Notifications: By combining its image recognizing technology (Maisart) and DMS technology, this system is not only able to locate potentially hazardous objects outside of the car, but also to notice where the driver is facing and in turn locate the driver’s potential blind spots. Aiding the driver with alerts via displays and alarms. Tests of the system made by Mitsubishi Electric has proven the Smart Notifications technology to be very effecting in both its functions: detecting objects and gaining the drivers attention. 

  2. Natural Navigation: By combining DMS technology with a microphone array, this system recognizes speech and can distinguish between questions intended for the system from conversations with other passengers. Consequently, it enables the driver to ask the car questions about directions without having to push any buttons or using trigger words.

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