New Backup-driver Monitoring System Launched

Seeing Machines launches a new backup-driver monitoring system for autonomous research vehicles. The system is designed to ensure safety on public roads during practical testing of autonomous driving technology.

As more technology companies, automakers and fleet operators direct their attention towards developing self driving cars, semi- or fully-autonomous research vehicles are becoming an increasingly common occurrence on public roads. Testing the new techniques in a real-life environment is an important part of the development process, but it could prove a risk to the public. As a result, most autonomous research vehicles are supervised by a backup-driver, who needs to be ready to take control over the car at any time.

In order to further decrease the risks, one of the industry-leading DMS developers, Australia-based Seeing Machines, launches the Guardian Backup-driver monitoring system (Guardian BdMS). The system’s primary function is to analyze the backup-driver’s face and eye movements and identify times when the driver’s attention to the road is for some reason compromised.

Read more about the launch of the Guardian Backup-driver Monitoring System here: https://www.seeingmachines.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/SEE-RNS-Reach-Guardian-BdMS-Final-11-09-18.pdf