Our Key Take-aways from 2019 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index

Each year KPMG analyze 25 countries’ preparedness for autonomous vehicles through its AVRI tool. Here’s our main take-aways from a DMS point of view.

First of all, here’s the list of the 10 countries with the highest score on the index scale: 

1. The Netherlands (was also number 1 in last year) 

2. Singapore 

3. Norway 

4. United States 5. Sweden 6. Finland  7. United Kingdom  8. Germany  9. United Arab Emirates 

10. Japan 

The countries were judged on: Policy & Legislation, Technology & Innovation, Infrastructure and Consumer Acceptance 

Why did the Netherlands score the highest? For starters, the country is working proactively with an investigation of using autonomous vehicles in logistics. And it plans to have 100 driverless trucks on the roads shortly. At the same the Netherlands will introduce laws during 2019 that encourages autonomous vehicles further. The country (to our relief) also takes an active role in legal issues regarding driver safety. Introducing a special driver license for autonomous vehicles and working on a Vehicle Safety and Security Framework (VSSF) to better assess in-vehicle software. (We hope they’re looking at DMS requirements)

In Norway, the passengers are generally not afraid of the technology behind autonomous vehicles. And since the country introduced tax breaks, 40 percent of new cars sold in Norway are electric, many of which have autonomous functions. 

Israel (who did not make it to the top 10), scored highest on Technology & Innovation 

In the report, however, it is stated that “countries that lead in Technology and Innovation tend to have mid-level scores on their AV (Autonomous Vehicles) regulatory environment and institutions”. The report further suggest that these countries could score higher overall by introducing an AV-focused institution and revisit their regulations. 

Japan, who came in 10thplace, seeks great opportunities with autonomous vehicles for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo 

At drivermonitoring.com we hope that the scores in the future might have a higher focus on countries’ ability to work proactively with driver/passenger safety for autonomous vehicles. While safety will always come first to us, we’re excited about this development nonetheless! Driver Monitoring can be used for several other things in the future – understanding passengers’ and drivers’ profiles and intentions (turn up music, turn back chair etc.). 

Read the full report here: