Seeing Machines Estimates that "Regulation Accelerates” and Secures New US Car Design Win

Yesterday Aussie-based DMS producer Seeing Machines announced a design win with a major US-based automaker. It’s third US automaker and sixth OEM (original equipment manufacturer i.e. a car manufacturer) globally for deployment of its FOVIO DMS Chip solution. 

The mass-production car model is scheduled from late 2020 and has an estimated lifetime revenue of 6 million Australian Dollar (AUD). Great news for the DMS industry! 

Nick DiFore, general manager of automotive at Seeing Machines, elaborates that they also see a “substantial and growing demand” for their DMS technology globally, as regulation accelerates and starts to play a key role in improving safety across “all transport sectors”. 

In comparison, Seeing Machine’s main competitor Swedish-based Smart Eye has a total of 43 design wins, with six different OEM:s. Two of which are named and are BMW and Geely. 

Seeing Machines is listed on AIM (formerly Alternative Investment Market), a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange. Smart Eye in turn is listed on Nasdaq First North, a division of Nasdaq Nordic. 

Read the full press release here: