The UN Approves Resolution about Autonomous Vehicles

In mid-September, the UN’s Global Forum for Road Traffic adopted a new resolution with the purpose of helping prepare members nation for the introduction of highly- or fully-autonomous vehicles. 

Contracted nations to any of the UN’s conventions on road traffic will now be getting further guidance as we are slowly entering the age of highly- or fully-autonomous vehicles. The new resolution offers certain recommendations about what functions an autonomous vehicle should be expected to have. By striving towards a collective approach among its member states when adjusting to the introduction of autonomous vehicles, the UN is hoping to further guarantee safety on roads filled with autonomous cars. Another method used to favor more universal means of communication is by aiming to establish a mutual system of road signs and signals. 

Read more about the resolution on the official website of the Swedish Government: https://www.regeringen.se/artiklar/2018/09/ny-fn-resolution-om-automatiserade-vagfordon/

Find out more about the UN’s Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety here: http://www.unece.org/trans/main/welcwp1.html