Volvo's New "Smart Cameras"

During Volvo Car’s new concept Volvo Moments that sent live today, the focus was of course on Volvo’s core, Safety. As they presented several safety measures to be introduced in future cars such as speed limits, and the new “Care Key” we’re also pleased to say that Driver Monitoring System (DMS) were introduced! 

As they celebrate the 60th anniversary of the three-point seatbelt (as a standard equipment), Volvo’s future car models will include Driver Monitoring Systems, partly consisting of a camera inside the car. Or as they called it, a “Smart Camera”. The system will detect how the passenger is moving in accordance with what happens outside the car and is able to assist the driver in several ways; simply warning the driver, calling the driver or in extreme cases “taking control”. 

The DMS technology will be standard from 2020. We’re very pleased with Volvo’s expanded focus on safety, their daring moves for saving lives – and of course for implementing DMS technology. We truly hope more OEM:s (car manufacturers) will follow shortly. 

And we wonder; could the so-called Smart Cameras be Smart Eye’s creation? 

​Watch the recorded event here: